Why Is My Heater Making Noise?


Sounds Mean Call a Technician

We rely on our heaters to keep our homes comfortable during those cold winter months. For the most part, we can count on heaters to be out of sight and out of mind. That is, until something goes wrong.

If your heater has begun to make unusual noises you haven’t heard before, it is likely that something has begun to go wrong and it requires quick attention. Let’s go through some of the common noises a heater could make when in need of repairs and what these sounds could mean.

Concerning Noises

Just like all machines and appliances, your heater will make some noise as it turns on, runs, and powers off. You should be able to easily differentiate between this perfectly normal running sound and the following sounds which are cause for concern.


Imagine sitting in your quiet living room and being interrupted by a loud, resounding, BANG! This banging sound is typically caused when there is an excess amount of gas inside your HVAC system.

This excess gas could be caused by a delayed ignition. Gas begins to build up until there is an ignition, and when there finally is, it causes a mini-explosion. As you can imagine, this is not good for your heater, and, therefore, you should call a technician before the condition gets worse.

Another reason for booms and bangs is expanding ductwork. A quick fix for this is to simply change your air filter and ensure all vents in your home are open and unobstructed.

Finally, if the bang occurs after the heater has shut off, your air filter may be incorrectly placed within the unit.


There’s no one at the door. That knocking is coming from your heater and it is trying to tell you something. Consistent knocking is likely caused by a damaged belt or bearings. If you hear this noise, you should turn off the heater and contact our team immediately.


An extremely unpleasant sound you might hear from your heater is a metal on metal scraping sound. This could mean damaged ball bearings, but it could also mean a loose or broken blower wheel. You will need the help of a professional for this fix.


If it sounds like a part is jingling or rattling, you likely have a loose panel on your hands. This can simply be solved by tightening the panels again. If the noise persists, contact your HVAC technician for an inspection and long-term solution.


While a humming sound might not be as noticeable as a boom or scrape, over time it can become rather irritating. Try to find exactly where the hum is coming from, as this will help your technician find the problem faster.

The blower motor in your unit tends to make a humming noise when it is improperly lubricated. Turn off your heater, wait 20 minutes, and check the motor, lubricating if needed. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, a technician will gladly take care of it for you.

If lubrication doesn’t seem to be the issue, you might have a more serious problem which may require motor replacement. Whatever the humming problem is, our team of experienced technicians will be there to help you get your home quiet once again!

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