Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Water Heater

Nothing to make you think about the health of your water heater more than having to suffer through an unexpectedly freezing shower first thing on a winter morning. water heater

Water heaters are much like a car – the older they get, the more likely they are to break down. Preventative maintenance is key in prolonging your water heater’s life however more often than not, water heaters tend to go unnoticed until something goes wrong (out of sight out of mind).

Here are some tips to help prolong the life of your water heater:

Test the pressure relief valve – This valve is usually located on the side or at the top of the water heater tank and is critical to the safety and proper operation of your water heater. When the pressure inside the tank is higher than it is supposed to be, the valve will open on its own. To test the valve, simply lift up on the lever part way, then let go and allow it to snap back. You should hear a gurgling sound as the valve allows some water to be released into the drain tube. If you hear nothing – it’s time to replace the valve.

Clear the sediment out of your tank by draining it– Over time, sediment can settle and build up inside of a water heater, causing its efficiency to dramatically decrease. This can lead to corroded pipes and plumbing problems down the road. Avoid these problems by draining and flushing your water heater annually.

Lower the temperature – Your water heater only needs to be set at about 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit to function at its proper levels and adequately perform all of these household functions. Keeping your water heater set to this temperature will prevent scalding as well as reduce the amount of sediment buildup – and as a bonus, it’ll lower your energy bill.

Water heaters are a part of our daily lives, so keeping them in tip-top shape is important. If you are having problems with your water heater, give us a call! We specialize in water heater repair, service and installation of all makes and models – gas water heaters, electric water heaters and tankless water heaters.

photo credit: Water Heater via photopin (license)

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