5 Signs That You Need a Plumbing Repair


The plumbing in your home is a complex network of pipes, valves, and fixtures that must all work together in order to supply your home with clean water. Unfortunately, if just one of these components is damaged, your whole plumbing system could suffer as a result.

The signs aren’t always obvious, but here are some things that may indicate that you need a plumbing repair:

Low Water Pressure

Has the stream of water from your showerhead halted to a slow trickle? A drop in water pressure could be caused by improperly-sized pipes, blockages, or leaks elsewhere in your plumbing system.

Noisy Pipes & Faucets

Any kind of abnormal sounds coming from your pipes or faucets is cause for concern. This includes rattling, screeching, popping, or clanking noises. One likely reason for this problem is that air is present in your pipes.

Slow Drainage

Your pipes and drains don’t need to be completely clogged for there to be a problem. Sometimes, a slow drain can indicate that there is a blockage somewhere within your plumbing system. If plungers and drain cleaning solutions don’t work, you should call a professional plumber.

Water Spots and Stains

Water spots are a small sign that can lead to big problems if it isn’t corrected. Leaks in your plumbing system can cause water to drip and collect in areas around your home – including inside your walls and ceilings. If these water spots are left neglected, it can cause mold to grow and spread throughout your home.

Discolored Water

Your water should be clear. If yours is brown, yellow, orange, or any other color, you should contact a professional plumbing repair service immediately. Discolored water is not only unsightly, but it could be a signal that one of your pipes is heavily rusted and in danger of blowing out.

Have you noticed any of these signs in your Colorado home? The experts at Patterson Plumbing have been fixing problems like these for more than 30 years and would be happy to service your plumbing system. If you live in Pueblo County or the surrounding area, contact us online or call (719) 496-4939.

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