Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Intelligent home automation system: Fahrenheit temperature multimedia thermostat

Smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, and now… smart thermostats?

They may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but smart thermostats have made their way into more than 30 million homes across the country.

A smart thermostat allows you to control your home’s heating and cooling system via smartphone, tablet, or desktop. They also allow you to schedule your temperature preferences for different times of the day and days of the week.

Smart thermostats offer many benefits for homeowners, such as:

  • Energy Savings. The greatest benefit of smart thermostats is their ability to save energy year-round. Their smart scheduling settings allow you to always be comfortable in your house, all while using significantly less energy. In fact, many models pay for themselves within two years due to the energy savings they provide.

  • Improved Comfort. Nobody wants to come home to a hot, humid home – but nobody wants to pay to keep an empty house cold, either. Smart thermostats give you the best of both worlds. Keep your air conditioner off for most of the day, but have it power on just in time to cool off your home for your arrival. The same logic applies to your heating system during the winter. You no longer have to choose between comfort and energy savings!

  • Remote Access. Many new smart thermostats allow users to connect remotely via WiFi. This means you can control your home’s climate from the grocery store, the office, or halfway across the world. This is particularly useful if you own a second home and want to keep your pipes from freezing, or if you forget to turn down the thermostat before leaving for vacation.

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